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Established in 2005 and co-curated by Mike Abrahams, Claire Curtice and Rumina Haji, at abrahams is a London-based series of events which focuses on the commercial application of creativity, bringing together people from the arts, design, sciences and business to look at the process, nature and value of creativity.

They offer an exceptional opportunity to learn from and be inspired by other disciplines and sectors. Each event is informal and ‘salon-style’, featuring different speakers and contributors and takes place in a different venue each time. Past events include Putting it into production, Collaborleaders, Lost in translation, The appliance of science and Back to the future. Speakers are drawn from a range of fields and include scientists, writers, mathematicians, musicians, journalists, architects, chefs, product and fashion designers, engineers and film directors. Every event is recorded by a photographer and illustrator and featured on the at abrahams website.

As a not-for-profit enterprise, the series is largely dependent on the support of all participants including speakers, venue managers and the illustrators and photographers who document each event, all of whom give their time for no fee in exchange for a lively, inspiring and thought provoking experience.

At abrahams is currently in hibernation – details of all 15 past events can be found here

Published on 05/07/2012

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