Recoded City: Co-creating Urban Futures

Recoded City: Co-creating Urban Futures
Thomas Ermacora and Lucy Bullivant

Global release: Thursday 10 December 2015
Offical launch date: Monday 11 January 2016

Recoded City is a global survey of participatory placemaking and distributed urbanism, burgeoning movements engaging citizens in advancing visions for their cities and towns, and supporting their well-being through localised design and self-governance.

Co-authored by regeneration architect and impact entrepreneur Thomas Ermacora and writer and curator Lucy Bullivant, Recoded City examines the potential of citizen-led collaborative neighbourhood renewal strategies emerging in the interstices of rigid, top-down masterplanning, which has seen identity stamped out of place. During the years 2010-13 the number of city dwellers increased by 200,000 per day. In our urbanised world it is vital that we make cities which are more resilient, future proofing neighbourhoods by making them relevant to and reflective of the people who live there.

But the top-down city has alienated people. In the modern globalised world extreme forms of capitalism overshadow human rights, and government resources are increasingly depleted. Whether by repairing the damage of natural disaster or healing the pains of uninspired planning, communities are starting to work proactively to pursue a localised placemaking which is more responsive, resource-efficient and holistic in its approach. At the same time architecture has been expanding as a multidisciplinary field.

The authors advocate architecture and urban design which is socially engaged and motivated by a civic duty to help the 90%, not the privileged 10%. In the Recoded City architects are enablers and facilitators, working with citizens for a better future.

Title: Recoded City: Co-creating Urban Futures
Authors: Thomas Ermacora and Lucy Bullivant
Preface: John Thackara
Publisher: Routledge
Design: Thomas Ermacora and The Design Surgery
Publication: 9 October 2015
ISBN: 9781138819801
RRP: £36.99

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Published on 03/12/2015

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